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Linen Savers 60x90

Minimum Order Quantity Applicable. R150-00 Delivery Fee For Single Case Lots.
R 859,00
Size: 60 x 90 cm
Packets per case: 10 ( 200 units single)
Underpads (also known as Linen Savers) are used for bed protection as well as keeping the patients dry and thus avoiding skin irritation. Underpads promote the fast absorption of liquid due to their absorbent pad. The completely waterproof backsheet prevents the loss of liquid through the pad and thus protects bedding.The Underpad features a re-designed pad which is highly absorbent and retains liquids more effectively. This is achieved by constructing the pad from a combination of fluff pulp and super absorbent polymers. This filling has been compressed into a rhombus shape to create an additional channelling effect which wicks away liquids. The design of this pad makes the Underpad superior to the traditional Linen Savers / Underpads that are made of tissue paper.Common uses for Underpads/Linen Savers include: - Protecting mattresses of incontinent patients - Parents can use them when changing baby’s nappies - New mom’s use it in the days after giving birth NB Plastic Backsheet to face down on mattres